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  • Philip Kightlinger

    A graduate of Syracuse University's illustration department, I've been a professional artist, designer and art director, in the DC area for more than 20 years.

    As an assistant art director, visual information specialist, production designer, and illustrator I honed my skills working with high-end clients on a wide range of projects. From drawing weekly editorial cartoons, to art directing monthly publications for DC's premier buyers and decision makers, to pro-bono work helping non profits promote themselves and raise money, my experience crosses borders and exceeds expectations.
    Highlights of my experience include…

    • Working with editors, and managers across multiple departments to develop art and layout concepts for publications, marketing, and collateral projects.
    • Being the lead graphics professional for an extremely detail oriented, nightly publication for senior federal and military decision makers.
    • Hiring and directing photographers, illustrators, and designers to get the best layouts and art, on time and within budget for a weekly magazine.

    Working within a variety of cultures, from small start-up to big Department of Defense, provides a wide base from which I can relate to others personally and professionally. Each position I've held required developing sets of design and management tools unique to that organizations goals and their customer's desires. This variety of experience allows me to mix and match toolsets to creatively approach old problems and rapidly assess and address new ones.

To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering.